About Donna

Donna Baughn, Owner
Permanent Makeup Training by Donna
e-mail: baughns007@aol.com

Georgia licensed Esthetics & Cosmetology Instructor
Master Esthetician & Cosmetologist
CPCP, Board Certified Member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
CMI, Board Certified Member of American Academy
of Micro-pigmentation National Trainer

Donna Baughn—owner of Permanent Makeup Training by Donna has been in the beauty industry since 1982. Donna works in Carrollton, Georgia. But frequently travels throughout the United States teaching permanent makeup to medical office staff. Donna works with platic surgeons in the Atlanta area doing scar camoflauge and areolar re-pigmentation restoration as well as repigmenting burn scars for burn patients.

Donna has filled several capacities in the beauty industry, she was a cosmetologist but wanted to know more about the area of skin care and dermatology. Donna went back to school to further her education and received her master teachers degree in the field of skin/esthetics as well as cosmetology for the state of Georgia. For several years, she was an instructor at the West Central Techincal College and helped write the standards used for the state of Georgia in the field of cosmetology. Donna has since continued her education in the field of medical eshetics. Donna has been a lifetime student in the beauty industry always seeking the lastest technology available to help one look their best. Donna owned a medical spa for about 11 years before selling it. Donna is married to Barry Baughn. They have a daughter—Lindsey Baughn.

One of Donnas area of expertise is permanent make-up training. Donna has had extensive training in color theory and chemistry since 1999 with extensive micropigmentation training and the effects it has on the skin.

Donna also teaches students how to work with Cancer patients that have had reconstruction and scaring. Donna also teaches students how to do

Donna can do a phone consult with you to see if Permanent Make Up Training is right for you.

Call or email with your questions about Permanent MakeUp training. @ 770-301-1981 Or email Donna at baughns007@aol.com.

For an appointment call 770-301-1981 ANYTIME!
Donna's e-mail address: baughns007@aol.com



Donna offers training at your office or studio. A minimum of 100 hours at $35 per hour. You will complete 2 eyebrow procedures, 2 eyeliner procedures, and 2 full lip procedures on your models. You will receive a certificate of Training after you have completed color theory, sanitation, and cross contamination using technique on animal skin and have been tested concerning your knowledge.

Books and equipment are separately priced and can start at $500 depending on equipment chosen. All machines (available on the market) are taught during class to ensure that you can choose the equipment best suited for you. Also, you will be taught how to build your portfolio, computer before & after, and marketing yourself.

10 - 10 hr classes consecutively are suggested.

My fees are $4500.00 for the basic 100 hour course in Permanent Makeup if you come to my location. $35.00 for each addition hour of training after basic course If I come to your location (within 5 hour drive for me) the fee is $3500.00 for 100 hour basic course. Student will be responsible for pre purchasing all supplies necessary for the set up of the course and their business. I will send you a list of supplies to buy as soon as I receive your deposit for the class. I will have you set up and in business before I leave you. If I come to your location, I charge:

($1,000 is due the day you book your class to secure a date and the balance is due on the first day of class before class can begin.) This is Non refundable for any reason. Once I book your class, I myself will be turning business away in order to conduct your class, so If you cancel after I have blocked off time to do your class from my own business I stand to loose a lot of money. I will give you the following once you have paid your deposit:



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